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After years of conducting Estate Liquidations, we get asked some common questions. Check them out below to find some helpful answers.

First-time shopper? We’ve got you covered

What’s the Difference Between an Estate Sale and a Yard/Garage Sale?

A typical garage sale consists of a collection of discarded items dispersed around a lawn or stacked on tarps and tables in a garage. On the other hand, an estate sale takes place in the home itself. Consider it a sort of pop-up retail experience, replete with a large range of merchandise. Here at Estate Sales By Jesod, we have been known to offer everything from your average everyday household item to antiques, vehicles, firearms, coin collections, and mid-century furniture. You never know what you’re going to come across!

How Do I stay updated on the latest Estate Sales happening in my area?

Subscribe to Estate Sales By Jesod mailing list. We’ll email you everytime we have a sale so that you are able to get the greatest bargains in your neighborhood.

Is it possible to get item prices ahead of time?

We are unable to share pricing in advance due to the large number of things for sale each week. You may rest confident that we will price products to sell at a fair market price. Keep in mind that the early bird gets the worm when it comes to estate sale gems.

Should I bargain for a lower price?

There’s no need for haggling at Estate Sales By Jesod. To estimate fair market prices for the products we sell, we combine years of knowledge, market value, modern technology. Couple that with our years of experience, and you are guaranteed to get a great bargain. You can be confident that you’re getting a good bargain when you shop with us. Check back closer to the end of the sale if there’s something exceptional that’s a little out of your price range. On the last day of a sale, prices are reduced and there is an opportunity to discuss offers.

First-time shopper Tips & Tricks

Your Time is valuable, Use it wisely

Make a list of the things you want and need and write them down. Perhaps you’re a reseller who knows right away what you’ll want to look for. Make that the first item on your to-do list. Would a mid-century piece of furniture look better next to your dining room table? Looking to replace that big hutch taking up space in your dining room. Although you may not find everything on your list, having some guidance, especially at the beginning, can be beneficial.

Be Ready and Prepared

You don’t want anything to stand in the way of you and your estate sale treasures! Have a bite to eat before going to the sale, and make sure you use the restroom. Seasoned shoppers are aware that there is no guarantee that one will be available during the sale. 

You’ll also need the appropriate equipment. If you plan on inspecting jewels, coins, or artwork, bring a loupe. Take the measurements of your home and a measuring tape with you so you can buy with confidence. If you’re thinking about buying something big, be sure you have access to a vehicle with enough cargo space. It’s also a good idea to keep food and water in the car for a post-sale pick-me-up.

Don’t overdress

Dress comfortably. Jeans, sweats, sneakers, etc.  You may find yourself having to dig for items or possibly entering some barns or garages that may be cluttered. Shoes or boots are also a fantastic option, especially for farmhouse sales. If you’re shopping for clothes, putting on a fitting layer of some sort will allow you to try on products over your existing ones to see how they fit.

You should be happy with your purchase

You might feel good about shopping at an estate sale since you’re giving someone’s valuables a new lease on life. Take it from us: there are few feelings more satisfying than discovering something unique and giving it a new home. Not only that but going to estate sales is a good thing for the environment and your wallet. It’s very satisfying to know that, in addition to assisting with the emptying of a home, you’re also contributing to the financial well-being of a local family!

Estate Sale ( Frequently asked questions )

What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale, also known as a Tag Sale, is the liquidation of an estate’s belongings in preparation for a move, downsizing, household merging, or the loss of a loved one. They take place in someone’s home and are of greater quality than a “garage sale.” The real objects in the property, such as couches, dining room sets, and bedroom suites, as well as glassware, knick-knacks, and collectibles, are sold at estate sales. We sell garage items, yard objects, cellar items, and so on. At an estate sale, anything in the house can be sold. We even sell the automobiles, firearms, and Gold and Silver.

What do I do first?

For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, please contact us. We can walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you might have.

I am selling my house, in what order do we have the estate sale?

It is suggested that you have the estate sale first, so that any repairs or renovations can be made to the house while it is empty. From start to end, it takes us one week, and we can leave the house, garage, and any sheds completely empty and ready for the next stage.

What items are included in the sale?

Vehicles, tools, firearms, clothing, collections, toys, books, records, media, precious metals, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, quilts and linens, perfume, crystal, glass, and china, antique, vintage, and contemporary furniture, coins, Gold, Sterling silver, fine and costume jewelry, Native American art and collectibles, Chinese antiques, artwork, rugs and collectibles. Any old or new household and garage stuff. Almost everything that has a monetary value, Estate Sales By Jesod can sell!

How much does it cost to have an estate sale?

We take a percentage of total sales as our fee. This implies you don’t have to pay anything up advance. Setup, research, and appraisals, as well as planning, pricing, arranging, promoting, and staffing the sale are all included.

How do people usually pay on the day of the sale?

We accept cash, Venmo, Cashapp, debit and credit cards. Credit cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

How do you market & advertise the sale?

We promote your sale on regional estate sale websites, local websites, our personal website, our enormous mailing list, social media, private collector invitations (where appropriate), large outdoor signs, a large 10 ft flag we place at the sale, and neighbor notifications and fliers. We’ve been named on of the most viewed estate sale companies in the United States!

After the sale, what happens to the unsold items?

We can talk about your alternatives. We can take care of the donation, hauling, and cleaning so that your home is ready to sell. This is also an option if you want us to leave everything as is.

When can I expect to be paid?

Within 5 business days after the sale’s conclusion, we’ll send you a check for the net profits, less our commission.

How long does it take to prepare for the sale?

To ensure a thorough sorting process, we require 1-2 weeks. We carefully research items, stage and prep the home and get it ready for shopper to shop the items. All personal photographs, documents, and other family objects that you do not wish to be sold are placed aside and returned.

Do you include the garage and attic in your calculations?

Yes, we will sort and organize your entire home in preparation for the sale.