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What is an estate sale?

Estate Sales are public sales, held inside a house, selling all the contents within. Prior to an estate sale, the family is asked to remove or isolate all the personal items they would like to keep.

Then, the week of the scheduled sale, Estate Sales By Jesod comes to the house and prepares the items for sale. This includes cleaning, organizing, displaying, and pricing. Estate Sales are held on the weekends, generally for two or three days, depending on the quality and quantity of the personal property. Estate Sales By Jesod handles all aspects of the sale – before, during, and after – therefore, the executor, trustee, conservator, or owner need not be present. When the sale is over, you can elect to have usable and/or salable merchandise donated to charity and the rest hauled away.

As estate liquidators, Estate Sales by Jesod is committed to selling as much personal property as possible within a very short period of time. Pricing the items to sell quickly, yet advantageously, requires a vast amount of knowledge and lots of experience.

All members of our staff have been involved in the antique and/or estate liquidation industry for many years. Combined, our team is able to price all different kinds of items found in a home, while remaining sensitive to fair market value and current local trends. Overall, local market trends are the leading indicator of price.

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