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Is a moving sale for you?

A professional moving sale company can liquidate personal items in your home at the highest value possible.  Our moving estate sale professionals are experienced and ready to assist you with your next moving sale.

There’s a big difference between holding your own garage sale or hiring a professional to organize, research, price, market and hold a professional moving estate sale. 

Here are highlights to consider when making a decision.

  • An estate sale results in a higher value for your personal items.

  • Moving sale professionals already have a large following of buyers that come to many of the sales.

  • A moving estate sale handled by us relieves you from any stress.

  • A moving sale professional is insured and bonded to protect you and your home from any liabilities.

Sales that involve personal items including large furniture pieces, vehicles, tools, etc. can be very labor-intensive.  A professional estate sale company has a trained crew prepared to handle all the steps necessary for a successful sale so you can focus on the move and enjoying your transition.

How much does a professional moving professional charge?

When you decide to hire Estate Sales By Jesod to manage your sale, a written contract is submitted outlining all the details, responsibilities, and fees involved in achieving a successful sale for you and your family.

Estate Sales By Jesod is experienced, professional, insured, and bonded to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Moving to a new location can be quite exciting.  A new environment, a smaller or larger location, a new beginning.  When deciding whether to hold your own sale or hire a professional moving sales company, remember that this is the time for you to absorb all the new changes without the stress of dealing with personal asset liquidation.

We at Estate Sales By Jesod, take pride in the liquidation services and options we provide to each and every client we serve.  We organize a custom solution to fit you, and your family’s needs.  Give us a call and let us help you move without sacrificing the value of your personal assets.

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