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Increasing the Number of People Who Hear Your Message / reaching a larger audience

  1. Staging and photographing all items/goods that have been identified to be sellable at the home or business.

Items will be organized, tagged, and kept in the home until the scheduled pick up date of the auction is determined.

  1. Items will be offered for sale on our auction site for a defined period of time.

After all of the objects that can be sold have been cataloged, they will be posted to our online auction platform, where they will be available for bidding for a predetermined length of time (typically a 3 – 7 day Auction).

  1. Smaller items may be eligible for shipping in order to reach a larger audience.

Smaller items such as Jewelry and trinkets, for example, may be available for shipping. The buyer is responsible for shipping, insurance, and any possible handling fees.

  1. A date will be set for the winning bidders to pick up all of the items that have been sold at the house/online auction.

The address is kept confidential and only released to the winning bidders via email for pickup of winning item(s).

Prior to the auction becoming live, a time and date are specified. Winning bidders will pick up their purchased items after the auction concludes. After the auction has ended, winning bidders are given the address

Auction TIME

Online Estate Sale Process

It’s time for the auction!

The auction will last around a week. Now we go into full fledge work mode. We have marketing experts who will be working hard marketing and advertising the auction to thousands of potential bidders. And, because we offer shipping on some items in most of our auctions, your things will be seen by even more people. The auction’s last day is generally a bidding war. That’s when it gets really fun.

On the auction platform we use, you can watch the dramatic finish of the auction as each item closes live.

The pick-up day is the final stage. On a weeknight or weekend, this is typically a 3 – 5 hour window. My team will arrive early in order to organize all of the successful offers. You’ll have a considerably emptier house by the end of the pick-up!

Our team assists in removing all goods from the premises on the day of pick-up. Non-Buyers will not be permitted access to the property. The buyers may collect the products once they provide proof of winning item email(s).

We can assist you in liquidating the contents of your home, whether you are relocating and need to downsize, or you are in charge of an estate liquidation. We can sell your stuff online instead of hosting an estate sale when hundreds of people pass through your home on sale days. An Online Estate Sale Auction is the perfect alternative for those not interested in a traditional estate sale.

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